Linda has carried out numerous evaluations of programs concerned with well-being of children, youth and families. What makes her approach to evaluations unique is her integration of a resilience framework. Doing this ensures that evaluations include an assessment of resources in young people’s relations and environments that may contribute to the enduring success of programs and interventions. Furthermore, Linda uses predominantly a mixed methods approach to evaluations that ensures a more complete understanding of program process and outcomes. In this way evaluation reports don’t only speak to the impact and effect of a program or intervention, but also contribute to our understanding of how we see these particular outcomes. Some of the evaluations Linda has managed are listed below.

Child To Child Trust’s ECD and Life Skills Program, Sierra Leone

Pikin-to-Pikin (PtP), the local partner of Child to Child (CTC) in Sierra Leone, is implementing this five year program funded by Comic-Relief. The project aims to improve the health of school-aged children in Sierra Leone, through the implementation of CTC methodologies including: School Readiness and Success, Child Friendly Schools, Life Skills Education, Child Rights, and Community Sensitisation. The program integrates a waterfall and peer education approach. This project has three goals. First, it aims to introduce a community-based model of ECD in participating communities, preparing pre-schoolers to enter primary school and increasing on-time enrolment, retention and enhancing academic performance. Second, the project will improve classroom teaching and learning practice. Third, the program will promote child rights, civic participation and child protection, with a particular focus on girls by delivering life-skills education to older children and sensitising families and communities to these issues.

Child To Child Trust’s ECD and Life Skills Program, Sierra Leone

The Youth Advocate Program, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

The Youth Advocate Program is a three year gang prevention program funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre of the Canadian Government. Integrating a modified version of Wraparound with community development, the YAP provides intensive professional support to participating young people ages 9-14 and their families. The program aims to reduce community crime by deflecting youth engagement in gang related activities, anti-social and criminal behaviours. Program process and outcome are evaluated by the RRC.

Youth Advocate Program, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

Evaluation of the Schools Plus Programs, Nova Scotia

The Schools Plus Program aims to contribute to the coordination and delivery of services to youth and their families in Nova Scotia, Canada. The program provides both intervention and support to participating youth and their families. In addition, Schools Plus works to develop partnerships and promote collaboration among multiple service providers for young people in Nova Scotia. Program outcome was evaluated by the RRC.

Schools Plus Program

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