Linda Leibenberg conducting a consulting session

Linda is available to consult on policy, practice, research and evaluation.

Research & evaluation:

  • The design of research and evaluation
  • The implementation of research and evaluation projects
  • The engagement of children and youth in cross sectional and longitudinal research
  • Research and evaluation ethics
  • Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data


Policy, practice & program development:

Resilience and related issues of:

  • Mental Health outcomes
  • Educational engagement and throughput
  • Crime prevention, intervention and reduction
  • Recreation resources
  • Community development
  • Youth civic engagement

Linda consults for a variety of groups including the Right to Play International (Consultation on embedding outcome measures in community program components); World Bank’s Human Development Network, Education (HDNED; Consultation on the development and writing of the Education Resilience Approach Framework and research manuals as well as Consultation on the Revitalizing Education Development in Sierra Leone); Save the Children Denmark, Child and Youth Resilience project (Revision of monitoring and evaluation framework and tools for the Child Resilience and Youth Resilience projects); Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Branch (assisting with the theory and evidence review for the Fostering resilience across the life course project); A national assessment of youth risk and protective resources for the Malaysian Ministry of Health, funded by The World Health Organisation; The Learning Partnership, Canada (Consultation on the development of a research plan assessing how schools can facilitate the resilience of marginalised and vulnerable youth in a Canadian context); Communities of Practice, Community University Partnership Programme, University of Brighton (Consultation of researching resilience research); interRAI (Consulted on the development and review of the Child and Youth Mental Health Instrument (ChYMH), Clinical assessment Protocols (CAPs)); Cambodian Living Arts Foundation (Consultation on national evaluation design and implementation); and the Violence and Asthma Health Disparity Project, Universidad del Este, Carolina, Puerto Rico (Consultation on research methodology). Additional clients include the Better Care Network, Justice Rapid Response, the Institute for International Criminal Investigations, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Social Policy and Development.

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